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Do you love to watch WWE Champions or RAW series on Television or live? Now, you have a chance to play your favorite player on your smartphone without worrying about the media telecast. Get all-time favorite players like the rock, undertaker, john china, AJ Styles and many more. Make groups and match them with other wrestlers around the world to win the ultimate WWE Champions Mod Apk. Are you ready to become king of the square ring of WWE Champions?

WWE Champions Game Description

WWE Champions
Publisher Scopely
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 87 M
Current Version 0.377
Last update Aug 6, 2020
Mod files size 98 M

WWE Champions features

  • Awesome role-playing action game
  • Upgrade your team with a variety of skills
  • Get old timers’ wrestlers in your team like The Rock, Undertaker and Steve Austin
  • Match with old and new wrestlers in your team
  • Get John Cena, Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles in the team
  • Build a group of different colors and different categories
  • Hire different superstar to give training to your Group of wrestlers
  • Get new women evolution with new and old superstar waiting to join your force
  • Join WWE universe for bouts which happen every week
  • Get special Monday night RAW and Smackdown Live battles
  • Get new intriguing storyline to travel from NXT to arenas around the world
  • Get all the signature WWE wrestling moves

What’s New In WWE Champions Mod Apk

  • Get 999999 cash in your account
  • Get 999999 coins in your account
  • Get One punch kill mode activated
  • One skill is always active
  • No cost skill mode active
  • Get two wrestlers to unlock in every category or classes
  • Use Obb Files in your Smartphone to get all facilities

WWE Champions Tips and Tricks

wwe champions guide

Tips 1 # Improve One Wrestler per Class

If you are playing WWE Champions game on Android, then you must know that there are six different class in the game and they all have some important characteristic due to there class. This class is as follows:
  1. Strikers Superstars: they are stronger against Trickster and are black.
  2. Trickster Superstars: They are stronger against Technician and are purple.
  3. Technician Superstars: they are stronger against Powerhouse and are green in color.
  4. Powerhouse Superstars: they are stronger against Acrobat and are red.
  5. Acrobat Superstars: they are stronger against Showboat and are blue.
  6. Showboat Superstars: they are stronger against Striker and are yellow.
You should always focus on one wrestler per class to upgrade and make a formidable team. You can use coins and talent points poster to level up. Spend your talent points judiciously to get level up for at least one wrestler per class. You can use two wrestlers per class for a tag match. You will always be on the upper hand when you have one wrestler per class level up.

Tip 2 # Match Gems to get special moves

You need to know your special wrestler moves by matching gems. You can match gems vertical or horizontal to get moves. You can clear the entire row or column when you match 4-of a kind. If you are fortunate enough you can match 5-of a kind which results in the wild card which gives you an extra turn to play for your wrestler. Check all the combination which you can get by making different combos which result in the signature moves of your wrestler. All superstar of the different class has their signature moves which give a massive blow to an opponent and makes you win.

Tip 3 # Match Gems very carefully

There is no time limit to match your gems or play your turn. So, you have plenty of time to choose your moves to match gems. Always check for all possible outcome of any moves and check color gems damage capacity before matching them. You can check which color gems can give more damage capacity to your playing wrestler. Matching gems are like playing “candy crush” where you can match different gems with same colors. The same strategy can be used in this game where you need to match different gems to get signature moves.

Tip 4 # Join Team for quick heal capacity

You should never spend money on your wrestler is not 100% healed. It can be done free of cost when you join any clan or team. Team members of WWE Champions are always there to help you heal your wrestler health when they get damaged during any match. Joining any team also ensure you that you can fight team match and get goodies depending on the team performance. The team is also helpful for clearing out any doubt, and they can help you with a different aspect of the game.

Tip 5 # Get goodies every four hours and every day

You will get goodies when you log in daily, and every four-hour game will reward you with free loot. You can get these items with every loot
  • Talent point posters
  • Wrestler posters
  • Health packs
  • Coins
  • Cash
Ensure your log in daily to get goodies and try to get loot every after four hours in the game account.
Final words
WWE Champions is the best role-playing gems matching game. You can start playing this game with little help from us, download our WWE Champions Mod apk with Obb files which can give you many additional features.

(Credits: This article is for information purpose only; all the pictures display in this article are collected from Google, and these are the sole property of Scopely Game.  WWE Champions Game (apk) pictures, videos, and other promotional items are the sole property of Scopely Game only.)

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