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Welcome to the World of War machines Free Multiplayer Tank Shooting Games develop by “Fun Games for Free,” where you will meet some of the most brutal war machines online. War machines mod apk is the meanest and the deadliest machines ever produced by a human to win any modern battles. Tanks are the main backbone of any modern war when you go on any offense. The same Principle is followed in the war machine tank shooting game, where you need to tear down enemy tanks into dust and conquer the full battles. If you have good maneuverability skills, you will win the war. The war machine has iconic tanks from all around the world which can be upgraded to its full potential when you use various upgrades. You can check all types of tanks depending on these factors
  • Armor
  • Attack
  • Shots
  • Movement
It would help if you upgraded each component of the tanks to its highest levels to get an upper edge over your enemy. So, are you ready for War machines?

War Machines Tank Shooting Game Description

War Machines
Publisher Fun Games for Free
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 74 M
Current Version 4.18.0
Last update Aug 15, 2020
Mod files size 92 M

War machines Features

  • Fast packed Shooting game
  • Get Iconic Tanks from all over the worlds
  • Upgrade your all tanks
  • Play the team-based battle or free-for-all Conflicts
  • Get more than 6 Battlefield and master them
  • Some of the meanest and deadliest tanks in the worlds

War machines Mod Apk features

  • Get 999,999 Gold in your account
  • Get 9999 Gems in your account
  • Get Upgraded tank
  • Get all tanks component upgraded to level 9 in your account
  • Low recoil time

War Machines  Tank Shooting Games Tips and Tricks

war machines tips
Beginner Guide

Tip 1 # Know your war machine

You should pay attention to the tutorial of how to handle your war machine in the beginning. Tanks are very easy to play but difficult to control their shots; you need to be very patient when to take the shoot in your enemy. We recommend you to check all your tutorial of handling your tanks first before you plunge in the to war mode. Knowing your war machine also gives you added benefit in the game, when you need to control your fire and when you need to run if your enemy has upgraded tanks.

Tip 2 # Get help for Helena

You first will come online in the shape of Helena; she will guide you all the game movements and how to proceed in the game. Do not skip all the tutorial which she will give you in the initial stage. You need to check all the option which are available in the game menu through Helena guide. Have patience and learn all the basic of the war machine game from Helena as you will require it during the gameplay. Helene will reward you will game goodies when you complete any mission or any levels.

Tip 3 # Keep upgrading your Tanks

One of the best ways to stay in the game is to keep on upgrading your tank. You will be given the most basic tank which has only 250 points Armor and 11.5 rpm Shots with 54 attack points. This basic tank will have 61.5 Km/h top speed which is very slow as compared to other upgraded tanks. It would help if you considered upgrading the Turret first, which will increase your attack power. Then you can consider upgrading your Armor to get some defensive power to sustain enemy tanks bullets.

Tip 4 # Complete your storyline first and small mission

You should complete the small mission first after that you can venture in the “Free for all” and “team deathmatch.” Just pay attention to all the mission and finish them for the reward which can later use to upgrade your tank.

Tip 5 # Login daily to get cool game goodies

You will get game goodies when your login daily, or when you complete some mission. Game goodies are extremely helpful as you can use these to upgrade your tank. You should always consider to log in daily to get some game goodies or use our War Machines mod apk.

Tip 6 # Join some active online Clan or team

The first thing you should do when you are playing war machine is to join some online active clan or groups which can take you in the team deathmatch. If you are participating in these events, then you should know that these rewards very good when you win any team deathmatch. These rewards can be used to upgrade your tank and get more kills in the game.
Final words
War Machine Free Multiplayer Tank Shooting Games is an extremely fast-paced action pack shooting game. You need to stay attentive and agile when you play this game. The war machine is the online multiplayer game when means player from all over the world will join you in the battle. If you need any help, you can download our war machine mod apk file with Obb files to get ahead of the competition. Download Mod APK


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