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Do you want to kick butts of Zombies venturing around your compound using The Walking Dead: Our World Mod Apk? Yes, but how do zombies get into my compound? Well, they exist, and they can be seen using one special apk known as The Walking Dead: Our World game app. After Pokémon GO capture the world by surprise, there is a rise in augmented reality games. One of the most remarkable game after Pokemon Go is
  • Draconius Go
  • Jurassic World Alive
Both game targeting wildlife and they are loosely inspired by Pokemon Go. Next Games takes the safer path and come up with zombies’ games which always do well with gamers.

What are Augmented reality games?

Games are played in the area which is alien to us like in different planer or virtual world. That’s if all the items and objects which are around you become game objects and your home or your environment become gameplay area. This is called Augmented reality games or AR games where player environment become augmented by computer-generated perception information used to create a game area.
walking dead our world game play
Game play

The Walking Dead: Our World Description

The Walking Dead: Our World
Publisher Next Games
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 76 M
Current Version
Last update Aug 21, 2020
Mod files size 105 M
What is the new update
  • Fight walkers’ zombies in and around your location
  • Explore your environment and kill all zombies in your location with a mark that other online people will see
  • Collect characters set with a weapon to kill zombies
  • Cooperate in weekly challenges
  • Unite with other online players to build shelters to save survivors
  • Share your screenshot of winning over zombies to online friends and social media

The Walking Dead: Our World Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited gold in your account
  • All legendary character open
  • Get all weapon open for you
  • No annoying ads
  • All Game progress and game level open
  • Get a full game with unlimited gold with Obb files
Note: Do not forget to install the Obb files after you install the main apk file to get all the benefits of The Walking Dead Our World mod apk. Check Also : Last Day On Earth: Survival mod apk android

The Walking Dead: Our World cheats and tricks to stay ahead

We have played The Walking Dead: Our World and found many tips and tricks which will guide your journey with ease.
walking dead our world tricks and tips
Tips & Tricks

Tip1 # Choose correct play area

This is an augmented reality game, and you need to choose the correct place to play the game. Try to play this game outside your room or in the park will give you more extra space to shoot. First, clear all zombies from your home or living area, then you proceed outside world. Do not play this game in the market or crowded area, as this may cause an accident as we have found out in the case of Pokémon Go game. Go to some park area, sit comfortably or take a walk around when it is less crowded.

Tip2# Choose current weapon for shooting zombies

You will be given small pistols, in the beginning, to shoot zombies, try to upgrade them regularly to get more thrust and more ammo. You need to try different weapon to kick the butt of zombies and rescue survivors. As the game will progress, you will encounter powerful zombies. Check your hero or weapon card with instruction saying “strong enough.” You should use those weapons against those type of zombies which are mention in the hero card.

Tip3 # Aim for headshots

All shooting games have one thing common, they all heavily rely on shooting on the head which is called headshots. Zombies can come in any form with hardcore shields and bulletproof, all you need to do is aim for the head. Head is the vital organ of the body and body will not function if you bust the head. So, if you want to survive in the game longer, then you need to practice shooting in the head of the zombies.

Tip4# Build Safe Houses

The Walking Dead: Our World involve saving survivors at every level, these survivors can stay in safe houses. You need to build safe houses which can protect survivors from walkers or zombies. You will get cards for deposition survivors in the safe houses. If your survivors stay more than 10 hours in your safe house, you will receive rare cards. So, make safe house and upgrade immediately to stay safe from walkers and raiders.

Tip5 # Join Group to get rewards

You should join groups which will reward you with access to challenges board. You should try to get some friends who reside near your vicinity so that he can help you make safe house and clearing zombies around your area. Groups are your second home when it comes to protection. You can receive rewards playing in groups when you complete missions. Download Mod APK


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