PUBG full form is Player unknown’s Battlegrounds, which is the most sensation game of the year for Smartphone whose Concept was taken from the Battle Royale game. Played by more than 10 million players daily and has more than 50 million installs from Google Play store only. This game was developed by Tencent Games, which started a new era of battle royal game style. PUBG is a survival game when you need to survive in other human and shrinking safe zone. All zone will start with 100 players, and you need to loot weapons and other game items, which are easy with PUBG mobile mod apk and run to a safe zone before safe zone starts to shrink. Are you ready for online battle which will make your adrenal rush with every minute?

 PUBG mobile Description

PUBG mobile
Publisher Tencent Games
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 45 M
Current Version 0.14.0
Last update Aug 14, 2020
Mod files size 56 M

PUBG Mobile Game Features

  • Get High-quality graphics with HD audio
  • Get realistic weapons
  • Make the team and play PUBG
  • Played by more than 50 million people
  • Shoot to survive the game

PUBG mobile Mod Apk Features

  • All Character Unlock
  • 999999 PUBG game currency
  • Royale Pass for one month

PUBG mobile Tips and TricksTo Progress Fast

PUBG Mobile Strategy
Beginner Guide

Tip 1 # Practice the Training module first

 You need to practice every move and different guns in the training arena present in the dashboard. Training will give you a boost in your hand to eye coordination if you are playing PUBG in mobile or hand to mouse control if you are playing in PC. You will find different guns and weapon in the training area which you can choose and practice with them. Check carefully shooting range is mend to be used for getting an accurate shot. You will also find the distance mark along with Targets. You will also find many moving targets which are great as people will also on the move and not sit like a duck to get shoat. In the Training ground, you will also find different arms and ammunition which you should check for their respective guns, along with another kind of weapons. You will also find different game accessories like helmets, jackets and other weapons accessory. Practice will provide all kind of weapon so that you can take split-second decision when you are in the main battlefield.

 Tip 2 # Prepare for battle

There are three types of game which you can play in PUBG; they are as follows
  • Solo (you will be alone)
  • Duo (you will be playing with one member)
  • Squad (four players will be playing this game as team members)
Decide which mode you want to play and hit the start button. Before you plunge into the battle, we want you to check these points
  • Avoid very bright color uniforms or clothes (these can be seen from a distance)
  • Try to put dull looking or light green clothes which can give you good camouflage.
  • If you are new, do not wear any boots (enemy can hear your footsteps when you wear them)

Tip 3 # Game is for survival not killing (choose your Style)

PUBG game is how to survive till the end; it is not who kill the maximum. So, decide which type of mode you want to play. Surviving in the game and avoiding any direct contact with an enemy will also make this game very dull. You should know when to engage your enemy and when to run away from the scene when you feel you can be neutralized. If you are surrounded by the enemy, and you don’t have any squad member near you to give your medic or help in case you get hit, it is better to run then to get killed. Of course, as you will play this game, your killing shots will also get corrected and you will able to kill more and more players with PUBG Mobile Mod Apk. So, decide what is your actual aim in the game to get “chicken dinner” or to top up with a maximum kill in your Squad.

Tip 4 # Land with your team or Land where there is less chance to meet the enemy

If you are playing PUBG with Squad land with them, ask them to take control of your landing and land with them for protection. The squad will always help you in case you are hit with a bullet, and you are about to die. So, try to land with them and wait for an invitation you got on the plane and click on ok. If you are playing Solo in PUBG, then you need to choose a location which is less infested with enemy or BOTs. You should avoid all big places where you will find all the loots. Try to land on fewer know places, where people seldom lands. When you are diving from the plane, check where maximum people are landing, avoid that area and try to land in the safe area where no people or few people are landing.

Tip 5 # Try to loot weapon first

If you are given chose of loot like a helmet, medical kits, energy drinks, ammo, protective jacket, and weapon, they always go for the weapon first. Weapon should be your main priority which can save your life. Grab any weapon using PUBG mobile mod apk and then start looting other game items which can give you some resistance in case of the duel. Do not wait for the good weapon to show up, grab weapon which is laying before you. Start working out and you will find a good weapon and then you can exchange that for your present weapon.

Tip 6 # Try to hit on the head for the kill

When you are new, the first mistake we all do is to hit the enemy on the torso or legs as they were the most visible part. Always look for the head to shoot your bullet which will give you ease kill and headshot. Headshot will always reduce your ammunition consumption, and it also gives instant kill. Try to hit a bullet in the enemy head by aiming for his head. Do not hesitate to wait for some few micro-second so that you can get him on the enemy head.

 Tip 7 # Use a headphone to track enemy movement

You need to stay very alert and keep your ear open when you are playing PUBG. Enemy movement can be hear if you listen carefully when they are near you. So, always use your headphone to listen carefully enemy footsteps which can give you added advantage. You can always find enemy footsteps and door opening when the enemy is near you. This can be used in the decision making as to run away or to hit him while you are hiding. Download Mod APK


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