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Pixel Builder game is developed by Playgendary and has more than 100 plus artwork to dazzle you and your kid. Make your first 3D model as a masterpiece with our Pixel Builder mod apk and share it to all world.Pixel Builder is great for all those kids who keep on playing games, if you install this awesome builder in your smartphone, your kids will learn how to make artwork. This game gives realistic 3D graphics models.

Pixel Builder Full Description

Pixel Builder
Publisher Playgendary
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 47M
Current Version 1.2
Last update Sep 7, 2020
Mod files size 59M

Pixel Builder Apk features

  • You can build 100+ artworks
  • Use game boosters to make your painting easier
  • Share it on social media with unique filter
  • Get Realistic 3D models
  • Get cool After-photo effects to dazzle your friends
  • Very addictive and easy to play
  • Love by all age groups

Pixel Builder Mod Apk features

  • No need to spend money from your Credit Cards
  • The game will not ask you to give money after 3 days
  • All mode open
  • Unlimited booster available in your account
  • Do not forget to use the boosters

Pixel Builder Tips and Tricks to build your dream Aircraft

Pixel Builder Strategy
Best Strategy

Tip1 # Choose the current color for your artwork

Pixel Builder is a game of putting different small cube to make realistic 3D art. You need to pay attention to the number given in the artwork. All the same, the number will have the same color. You can choose color depending on your taste. Just pay attention to the number and their corresponding color. Give your kids to complete these artworks, as they will understand the basic of art by putting different color and layers.

Tip2 # Game is not Free

Pixel Builder free to download but this game is free for only the first three days. You need to put your credit card details on the first day itself, and it will start cutting out money from the fourth day. So, if you want to play Pixel Builder game in your Smartphone, then get it from our website with all Obb files to make it free.

Tip3 # Use Booster Judiciously

You should use booster judiciously in the game, as these are very hard to get and you need to buy these if you want to use it. You can always play slowly to get the desired goal. Always pay attention to the figure form the beginning and avoid using a booster to complete your artwork.

Tip4 # Share your artwork with the world

You have a different option in Pixel Builder as you can also share your masterpiece or your kid’s artwork to the world in different social media platforms. Try to share your kids’ artworks on other social media platform to encourage your kids. Sharing with other social media platform also gives your kid encouragement to do better artwork.

Tip 5 # use filter and after-effect to enhance the photo

When you have decided to share your masterpiece with the world, you can use a filter to make your picture stand out. Customise your final picture with different filter gives in the Pixel Builder. You can also use cool after-photo effects like light and shadows to enhance your picture. Download Mod APK


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