Are you a football fan and always want to make a dream team having big stars like Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, Neymar, Ozil, Silva or Ramos? Welcome to the world of PES 2021 Mod Apk where you need to create your dream team which will take on different teams across the world. You can play different league matches as per FIFA match rooster, or you can play different online players. Focus on the creating a team which has all the key playing person on each category. Get ready for the world cup football on your Smartphone.


Publisher KONAMI
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 82 M
Current Version 3.3.1
Last update Feb 13, 2021
Mod files size 87 M


  • Get all football legends playing in your club
  • Make the team and play different tournament across the globe
  • UEFA Champions League is waiting for you
  • Play with friends or player across the globe
  • Swipe to pass in PES 2021 and tap to shoot
  • Easy to learn the basic but difficult to convert a goal
  • Choose different players depending on their position and tactics
  • Train you Squad with different coaches to get XP and attributes points
  • Check the new rule of free kicks and corner system

PES 2021Mod apk features

  1. Get 99999 MyClub Coins in your account
  2. Get eight players to unlock in your account
  • Forwards: Messi and Ronaldo
  • Goalkeepers: Neuer and Buffon
  • Defenders: Ramos and Bonucci
  • Midfielders: Modric and Kross
  1. All unlock players having attributes more than 88.
  2. Get four Free training from different coaches



Tip 1 # Choose your team wisely

PES 2021 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER is a game of tactics and strategy, and you need to maintain your team depending on that line. You need to know that spending on star player did not win you any match. You can always check attributes of less known football star and level up to win the game. You should keep all the possible categories keeping in mind before choosing any players. You need to choose different right and left combination for midfielders, defenders and forwards to make a complete team.

Tip 2 # learn the basic control first

If you are new to PES 2021 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER Mod Apk, you will find it difficult to control your ball forget of getting a goal. You need to learn all the pass and shooting of ball with your players. One important thing which you should never forget is to check the new triangle system which is new to this game. You need to master this before you give any pass and shoot ball to the goal. Triangle is activated when a player has the ball or when he is near to the opponent player who is holding the ball. You can change the focus of the triangle whenever your player gives a pass to another player in the game. Learn the basic first before you want to start your carrier or want to play with online players.

Tips 3 # Increase your player levels and attributes

You should focus on increasing your player levels and attributes by playing a match or getting training from a different coach. Check the XP required to level up your star players, try to increase attributes and levels of forwards and defenders first. Attributes and levels can give you an extra edge when you are competing with different online players around the world. Keep leveling up your players and make them practice under the coach to get high attributes.

Tip 4 # Check new free kick and corner system

Check new free kick and corner system which Konami bring this year. You can not pull the camera out for a second view to watch your players position along with opponent players. Bend it like Beckham and check it on new camera rolling out like champions. Learn fast the free kick which is very intuitive and corner kick which is now very easy to operate. You need to practices free kicks and corner kicks to improve your goal conversion.

Tip 5 # Keep on changing formation to win the match

You should always experiment with the different formation during the game to win any match. Do not rely on one formation and one strategy to win any match, try to mix and match different forms during the match. Practice your formation and strategy when you are playing offline to get the better of it.
Final words
PES 2021 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER is probably the best soccer game out there after FIFA 18. You should check out different free bonus which we are providing with the PES 2021 MOD apk files. Play PES 2021 when you are fully charged up as you need real concentration and hand to hand coordination to play this beautiful game. Download Mod APK


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