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Are you ready for the onslaught of demons and 170 million global players who are bloodthirsty for your kingdom? Welcome to the most competitive games and Android Excellence game of 2017, lords mobile battle of the empires. In this, you need to play with might and character to defeat all evil forces using Lords Mobile Mod Apk and bring glory to your kingdom. Lord’s mobile battle of the empires has been developed by IGG which has made MMORTS game. You will have a battle going on between Guilds, PVP, and numerous mini-quests. Just buckle up your saddle and enter the epic battle of lord’s mobile battle of the empires.

Lords Mobile Battle Of The Empires Description

lords mobile battle of the empires
Publisher IGG.COM
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 69 M
Current Version 2.7
Last update Aug 14, 2019
Mod files size 92 M

Lords Mobile Battle Of The Empires features

  • More than 170 million Global players
  • Clash with other people present around the world
  • Join Clan and fight for the glory and rewards
  • Recruit and upgrade heroes who will defend your kingdom
  • Each hero comes with unique skills and characters
  • Attack other people kingdom to gain resource and other items
  • Intruding story line
  • Animated battles add beauty to the story line
  • Transpose your kingdom near to your guild to have protection

Lords Mobile Battle Of The Empires Mod Apk Features

  • Get 99999 Gems in your account
  • Get 99999 Gold coin in your account
  • VIP mode activated for three weeks
  • Install Obb files provided on this website to get all facilities

Lords Mobile Battle Of The Empires Tips and Tricks

Tips And Tricks

Tip 1 # Build your Base first

You need to build your base first with numerous armies to hold in your payroll. Building your base need various resources such as gold, food, stone, wood, and ore, which can be obtained easily with Lords Mobile mod apk file. You should also consider constantly making your army, as these will be requiring to clear all mini quest and mission. Read Also : Guns Of Glory Mod Apk Before venturing into any mission build your base and upgrade your city and city walls so that you are not being attacked by other players. You need to also clear many areas around your kingdom for making external farms which will provide you with food.

Tip 2 # Collect heroes to defend and fight for you

You need to collect heroes constantly so that they can defend your kingdom and fight for you. Every hero has its own skill set and abilities which you need to check before you decide for its role in the kingdom. You need to complete the small mission to upgrade your heroes. Heroes who are upgraded and has more skill points can be used later in a guild war.

Tip 3 # Join Guild to get bonus

You should join a guild to have bonus and protection from your enemy. You can transpose your kingdom next to your guild members to have some protection for your kingdom. You can trade resource with your guild members and can get timely help in case of attack. Joining an active clan will reward you with goodies, as you can take part in world battle using your guild.

Tip 4 # Complete all side Quest to get Goodies

You should complete all side Quest or Turf Quest to get goodies such as rare items and hero XP. Try to complete side Quest with your main heroes who will enable it for XP points which will level it up. You will also receive many game items which can be infused with your hero and you will get higher skill points for him. You should try to complete daily Quest which will provide you with many resources which are very helpful for your city building upgrades.

Tip 5 # Defend your base with army and hero

You are always in the constant threat of being attacked when you are away. Make a formidable army and put one hero to protect your kingdom when your away. The enemy can loot your resource and rare items if you have not claimed them. So, make sure you infuse all your rare game items with your heroes’ inventory, and you put one hero to defend your kingdom.

Tip 6 # Attack another kingdom for resource

You should always start attacking other people kingdom for resources and other game items. Before your attack scout your enemy kingdom for how much army might he has and then ravage an army on his kingdom. Attacking other people kingdom is the fastest way to level up as you will get huge resources which can utilize to upgrade your building.
Final words
We hope our tips and tricks will make you a better player of this game if you need more help than you can download Lords Mobile mod apk + obb files. Download Mod APK


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