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If you love to play candy crush, then you will love this game. Homescapes Mod Apk uses the same candy crush type puzzle with a match-3 puzzle to get game progress. Homescapes has created some twist with the there game; you will be playing Austin the butler character from Gardenscapes. As he returns to his parents’ house to find that they are going to sell it. Now you have one last chance to stop that, make you ancestral house fully renovated and convince them not to sell. This will begin a new ordeal in your life to solve the puzzle and start renovating all the items present in the mansion. You need to solve a puzzle which will be present at each level, solving those puzzle will fetch you different game items which can be used to renovate your beautiful mansion. So, are you ready for Homescapes?

Homescapes Game Description

Publisher Playrix Games
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 107 M
Current Version
Last update Aug 19, 2020
Mod files size 115 M

Homescapes Features

  • Start playing the character Austin to renovate his ancestor house
  • You need to solve the puzzle to get game items
  • Get your self in the shoe of an interior designer to renovate the house
  • Get 3levels exciting match with boosters and combos
  • The beautiful mansion which you can bring to life by playing this game
  • Fantastic storyline to follow
  • Get a cute and naughty pet
  • Get online players to help to renovate your new mansion

Homescapes Mod Apk Features

  • Get 999999 Gold Coins in your account
  • Get 999999 Free Stars in your account
  • Get unlimited lives in your account
  • Get 999 Booster in your account
  • Get 28 level to unlock in your account
  • Use all the Coins to decorate your dream mansion

Homescapes Tips and Tricks

Homescapes Mod Apk Unlimited Stars Strategy
Strategy Guide

Tip 1 # Check your moves before playing the puzzle

This game is inspired by candy crush, and game developer put some twist to get something out of the game. You need to check for all possible moves before you start playing the match -3 play style game. You should always try to get at least 3-same items with minimum moves. If you want to clear all the levels without using any lives, then you need use Homescapes mod apk for android. Save your moves and decide well in advance as this may lose you progress and you need to use your live if you fail to clear the level.

Tip 2 # Check for different combos which will help you win any puzzle

You will get a different booster when you match exact items in a row or column. The booster can be used to clear all column or row depending on the items you have created. There are many boosters available in the game which you need to check before you start playing the puzzle.
  • Paper Airplane: Paper airplane will appear when you combine four same objects in a Square. This will also give you some bonus by clearing all the four objects and hitting any random items on the board.
Paper airplane are very useful and can be made very easily than other combos. Just pay attention to the same items clubbing together as four squares.
  • Rocket: this item will appear when you match any four items in rows or column. The rocket will appear when you match any four-game items and will clear rows and column depending on the direction which it is facing.
Rocket can clear whole row or column depending on which pieces have a match for four similar items.
  • BOMB: you will get a bomb when you match any five similar game piece, and it will clear all objects surrounding for three squares. Bomb and extremely difficult to create and if you get it in your game, then you will be going to win the puzzle.
  • Disco ball: disco ball is very difficult to get, and you need to find five in a row to get this booster. You can have special power with disco ball as you can switch it with another object and clear it.
Final words
Homescapes is similar to candy crush game with some twist; the game developer has added some twist so that game will now become more fun to play. If you find any level difficult to complete then you can use our Homescapes mod apk + obb files to get unlimited gold and lives. Download Mod APK


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