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Do you want to go to the medieval age where you need to save the world by building warships and army posing as Musketeer? Guns of Glory is an epic adventure of a medieval age where durian a cunning minister murder emperor and blame you. You need to make a formidable army and launch an attack on all enemy surround your estate using our Guns of Glory Mod Apk. Guns of glory are building type game with a touch of medieval age, where all the game items and graphics are the focus of the medieval era. Get ready for the Guns of Glory attack where fate is waiting for you to take control of a kingdom and save the world.

Guns of Glory Game Details

Guns of Glory
Publisher Diandian interactive holding
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 92 M
Current Version
Last update Aug 16, 2020
Mod files size 103 M

Guns of Glory features

  • Advance RTS combat
  • Attack with powerful airships
  • Immersive MMO worlds
  • Take control with weapons and guns
  • Strategy warfare

Guns of Glory mod apk with Obb files

  • Get 99999 Gold in your account
  • Get Vip to pass for 30 days
  • Shooting Gallery premium item purchase with gold unlock in your account
  • Place Obb files in your main directory of Smartphone

Guns of Glory Strategy Guide

Guns_Of_Glory Mod_Apk_Strategy
Strategy Guide

Tip 1 # Login daily for Rewards

One of the best things about Guns of Glory is to get rewards when your login daily. If you are login only at weekends, then we must advise you to log in daily for rewards. Daily login ensures smooth progress in the game with cool goodies. Daily log in also ensure you for new updates and game information. You can also participate in new events when you log in daily. Check in the INN building for Astrologer section; you will get free spin daily. Here you can get game items and other goodies of the game. Check in the Tribute Building for different gifts which are available in time bound manner. You should also keep an eye on daily events or special day events like Independence Day or new year or thanksgiving when game developer churns out goodies for login.

Tip 2 # Upgrade your Army first

Before you venture into the wide for farming or killing the beast, you need to ensure that your army is up to date. Ensure that they have adequate upgraded with the current levels. Ensure that you are producing army at regular interval to replace army killed in the mission. Ensure all the weapon upgrade are done with all the necessary items required in the mission. Check your present army strength is full of attacking or undertaking any new mission.

Tip 3 # Start farming for Upgradation

You need to choose farms based on your present levels. Farms are a good resource for food when you attack control them. Go and find those farms which are lower in levels and which can be controlled by your present army. Choose farms with lower levels so that you will not find enough resistance to your army. You should keep on attacking farms which will ensure steady resource to your army and city.

Tip 4 # Start Attacking beast to gain Resources

You should keep on attacking beast to gain resources when your army is ready. Before attacking any beast do not forget to compare their power with your army, so that your army can be safe while attacking. Do not attack beast with higher levels and more power than your army; you will lose all army if you do so. Beast is ready for the source of resources and other game items which you can get from Guns Of Glory Mod Apk; you should consider attacking these beasts from lower levels to get resources. Start clearing all lower levels beast near you then start clearing higher levels beast.

Tip 5 # Join Alliance to get rewards

Whenever you join alliance or clan in Guns of Glory, you receive the one-time bonus. All your team member present also helps you in upgradation of your building or army. You should always press the button when told to get help from the alliance in the upgradation process. You should also help your team member in their upgradation process. Check help all options present in alliance screen and click on it. This will ensure that all your team member get help in their upgradation process.

Tip 6 # Complete all Epic Quest

Check for all epic quest which is present for your current level. You should consider complete all epic quest for your current levels as completion of these quest gives you cool rewards. These rewards may be used to upgrade your building an army and upgrading to new levels. Epic Quest is not easy to complete, and it takes time to fulfill. You should keep an eye on this epic quest as these are very important to the game progress.

Tip 7 # Use Judiciously all your talent points

There are three type of category where you can invest your talent points; they are as follow
  • War
  • Economy
  • Balance
These talent points can enhance your army capabilities and performance or pace up your economy depending on the talent points you choose to upgrade. Keep a mix and match with the war and balance and do not spend more on the economy as you will get all resource by attacking other people and beast. Download Mod APK


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