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Play365 game company has created any smash hit game called Game of Warriors, which is base on tower defense. Game of Warriors has glimpses of the clash of the clan and clash royale as these take you to attack other people base for loots. You have to defend your base and keep on upgrading your soldier and building to clear all levels using Game Of Warriors Mod apk. In the meantime, you can attack all unclaimed territories to get game items and XP for your general. You need to keep on upgrading your defensive wall of the castle as the enemy will keep on banging your walls with new and improve soldiers. So, are you ready for Game of Warriors, and defend your base for all enemy invasions?

Game of Warriors Game Description

Game of Warriors
Publisher Play365
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 76 M
Current Version 1.1.43
Last update Aug 15, 2020
Mod files size 89 M

Game of Warriors Features

  • Tower Defence with fast pack action
  • 1500 Defensive wave to keep you hook to your Smartphone
  • 4 Heroes to lead your army in the battle
  • 100+ territories to be conquered in the game
  • 30+ upgrade available for your soldiers
  • 1000+ Building upgrades to keep your enemy at the bay
  • 4 Different races
  • 15 passive skills which you can unlock for your general with 3 active skill

Game of Warriors Mod Apk Features

  • Get 999999 unlimited coins in your game account
  • Get 9999 Diamond in your game account
  • Get all the skills to unlock for your general
  • Get four heroes to unlock in your game account
  • Get a 200+ upgrade for your building
  • Use the Obb files provide with the Game of Warriors Mod apk to unlock all features

Game of Warriors Tips and Tricks


Tip 1 # Play it like Tower Defence Game

Game of Warriors is tower defense game, and you should keep it as simple as that, do not try to take the game for another dimension. It would help if you always remembered that this game requires to have armies and general who can defend your base from enemy waves. So, make sure you upgrade your walls and other building first with Swordmen soldiers who can stop enemy wave at the walls first then you can concentrate on other vital points.

Tip 2 # Choose Swordmen over other Soldiers

As we have discussed earlier, you should give preference to Swordsmen over another soldier like
  • Spear army
  • Mounted (horse army)
  • Javeline army
All these armies need to be upgraded to get most out of them, only Swordsmen army don’t have an upgrade, and you can use them for stopping multiple waves. Keep on generating Swordsmen army as they are the primary defense for your castle. Mix them with 15% of Spear army and 15 % Javeline army. If you think the mounted army will be any help, then you can make 15% of that from your total army. For starting keep on making Swordsmen and keep defending your base.

Tip 3 # Upgrade your General Skill

Game of Warriors has designed in such a way that you need to upgrade your general to defect wave of enemy. So, pay attention when you unlock each skill set for your general, as it will use in the battle to defect enemy. Some of the general skill are given below
  • Battle Horn (this increase the damage)
  • Catapults Support (heavy bombardment)
  • Archers Support
Whenever you use these general skills, you will wipe out that enemy wave within seconds. Skillset requires time to act after one use, and you need to upgrade them to improve their attributes or damage range.

Tip 4 # Check other Skill of General

Click on the general’s Skills tab and check which attributes you can improve or increase your general. It would help if you carefully selected each skill as you will plenty of option for your general skills such as Skills, base, and army. You need XP point to unlock each of these attributes for your general. Click on base and select defensive mode skills or go with the army and click on some attributes. You can get more than 15 passive skills and 3 active skill for your general.

Tip 5 # Attack on other bases to get new soldiers

When you are in a position to attack other people bases, start unleashing the wrath on them. Keep on attacking other people base and start colonies those unclaimed territories. Always keep in mind to attack lower level so that you did not suffer heavy loss and defect. Keep on attacking these lower levels to get game items and new soldiers. Remember, if you want to gain new soldiers and XP for your general then you need to keep on generating army and keep on attacking all the bases around you.

Tip 6 # Get lucky by spinning Wheel of Fortune

The game will reward you for login daily by the wheel of fortune, which will enable you to spin the fortune wheel for diamonds.  You should remember that you should always aim for diamond, as it is the most precious commodity of the game and you can get many items when you spend diamond in the game. The game will reward your wheel of fortune every 24hours, and you will get game goodies when you spin this wheel of fortune.

Tip 7 # Watch video ads to receive Game Goodies

If you are struggling any enemy wave again and just got defect by them, then you will be prompt to watch video ads. If you watch those videos, then you will be receiving game goodies such as +20% Damage Buff which can be used in the battle. Do not miss these kinds of opportunity which can give you game goodies and help you win against the enemy wave. If You want easy game resources like free coins then use our Game of warriors mod apk file.
Final word
Game of Warriors is fast action tower defense game which requires lots of coins and diamond to finish, if you are struggling to clear those levels then you can check out our Game of Warriors Mod APK with OBB files. Download Mod APK


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