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Shooting game with a twist, you don’t need to kill anyone or to aim at the head to claim the gift, you only need to fire your weapon to give it a flip and keep it high in the air. Welcome to Flip the Gun Mod Apk game, where you need to keep on firing in the middle of the screen of your smartphone to make your gun stay in the air. You will receive a limited bullet to clear any level, so it seems very easy to learn but difficult to master. So, are you ready for the Flip the Gun Game?

Flip the Gun Game Description

Flip the Gun
Publisher Playgendary
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 86 M
Current Version 1.2
Last update Jul 26, 2018
Mod files size 98 M

Flip the Gun features

  • More than 20 physics-based weapons
  • Cool animals added with each level to give you refreshing surprises
  • Lefty great Flip of weapon or another game object
  • Auto reload of the bullet of your gun
  • New cool ranges of weapons and guns
  • Camera flash introduced for shooting

Flip the Gun Mod Apk Features

  • 999,999 free money in your account
  • All weapon unlocks in your account
  • Unlimited bullets in your gun

Flip the Gun Tips and Tricks

Flip the GunStrategy
Beginner Guide

Tips 1 # Try to fire in the center

One of the best ways to stay alive and keep on firing to go up in the air is to fire a bullet in the center of the screen. You should keep on practicing to shoot a bullet in the center of the screen so that your gun will not hit any obstacles from the side walls. Keep on firing straight down so that your gun remains straight up.

Tip 2 # Do not try to Grab Game Goodies

As you all know Flip, the Gun is a physics-based game which requires power to make your gun stay in the air. These powers come from shooting the bullet from the gun. You need to fire continuously from your gun to make it on air. As the game progress, you will get many game goodies as you gun travel in the air. Do not try to grab a good bonus in the air, focus on the shooting from your gun, because you will get all goodies when you stay in the air and middle of the screen.

Tip 3 # Know your weapon first

You should always check how each weapon behaves and how many rounds of bullet it fires when you tap on the screen. Knowing your weapon will make you aware of how to use a bullet from that weapon. There are many weapons which fire many rounds with one tap like a machine gun; you should keep an eye on these types of weapon and try to tap lightly when this weapon shows up. Machine guns will consume all its ammo within no time if you keep on tapping it as they fire 4 to 5 rounds with each tap you give.

Tip 4 # Claim your Free Game Goodies

There are many game goodies which you can claim when your login daily. You should keep on login daily to receive login Goodies, which will help in clearing levels of the game. You will also receive game goodies when you play the game for more than four hours, or you can check for free goodies every four hours , or use Flip the Gun Mod Apk for unlimited money.

Tip 5 # Watch Video ads to claim game goodies

One of the best parts of playing Flip the gun game is it is full of ads which will interrupt you on every level. Although these are little annoying to watch those ads at the first time, you will find out later that these will give game goodies which will give your ability to run further in the game.

Tip 6 # Unlock different weapon by completing challenges

There are many challenges which you need to complete before you unlock different guns or weapons. Consider completing those challenges to unlock new weapons or game goodies which you help in completing all levels
Final thought
Flip the gun is based on physics law and requires a special skill set to complete all levels. If you find those difficult or struck on certain levels, then you can download our Flip the gun mod apk + obb files to clear all levels with ease. Download Mod APK


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