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 Do you remember how you flipped yourself when you were a kid? Well, has just released a mobile game known as “Flip Master” which is the most addictive game after “Flappy bird” where you will tap your character to bounce on a trampoline. Interested in checking out this addictive game which is sweeping the whole internet with wild surprise. Flip Master is the game where you control your character for performing a various task on Trampoline. The game has various levels where you will find yourself beating to the dust and will curse the game developer to make it difficult to clear. But if you have patience and Flip Master Mod Apk, you can find ways to beat the level and get more coins. So, pull up your socks and take out your mobile for the Flip master.

 Flip Master Game Description

Flip Master
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 91 M
Current Version 1.8.5
Last update Jun 5, 2020
Mod files size 102 M

Flip Master Features

  • Master the trampoline with different tactics
  • Front flips, Backflips, Gainers, layouts, Jumps, and bounces
  • Discover cool location
  • Get crazy power-ups in the game
  • Get different amazing characters
  • Share your point to your friends to Facebook

Flip Master Mod Features

  • Get 999,999 Money in your account
  • Get 9999 Game Gold bar in your Account
  • Get 15 Powerup free in your account
  • Get 8 Characters to unlock in your account
  • Get all Trampoline to unlock in your account

Flip Master Tips and Tricks

Beginner Guide

Tip 1 # Practice before you venture in the storyline

It would help if you practiced or do Training to improve your characters ability to do flips or bounces. Do not skip this part and keep on doing training as you need to clear many hurdles in the game if you practice well; you will clear all the levels correctly and with easy. We recommend you to practice well before you plunge into the storyline, keep coming back after any level you did not cross. You can always do training with some game coins and keep on improving your character skill.

Tip 2 # Know your Strength

You should know your strength when every you want to go for higher levels. As this game is very addictive and hard to master, focus on your strength. If you are not good in flips or your character skill set in not improve in jump or balance, then try to stay in the center of the Trampoline. Read Also : 100% Working Boxing Star Mod Apk One of the best and most important advice we can give you is to make your character stay in the center of the Trampoline for the whole run or spins. You will never face any problem of landing or balancing when you land in the center of Trampoline.

Tip 3 # Do not spend Game Coins or Gold unnecessary

It would help if you did not spend game coins or Gold unnecessary in the Flip Master game. Game coins should be used judiciously to get more score during the run, or you can spend it when you required powerup in the game. Do not spend games unnecessary on saving your character lives. You can use our Flip Master Mod Apk for unlimited money. You can spend game coins for getting training your game character, as this will improve its skill and ability to clear longer bounces and flips.

Tip 4 # Save your Game coins by watching Video Ads

You will be tempted to use game coins when you fall in the run, and you have some really good score. Do not spend game coins, watch video ads and save your game coins. Video ads are good when you are need of saving your lives in the game. Just watch video ads and get extra change to continue your run.

Tip 5 # Login Daily to get Game Goodies

You should log in daily in Flip Master game to get game goodies. This will help in extending your run and getting more game coins which can be used to purchase lives and other game items. Consider this as a daily challenge where you need to log in one time in the Flip Master game to get some cool game Goodies. Every game developer wants loyal customers or players, that’s why they devise a plan to keep players logging in daily by giving cool game goodies. So, do not hesitate to spend time in the game daily and get some cool goodies at that time.

Tip 6 # Character Vs. Trampoline

When every you have enough money to purchase new Trampoline or Character, you should always opt for Trampoline. Trampoline is your best buddy in the game whenever you get new Trampoline you will get more power and more bounce, which will give you more time in the air to perform different tricks. Always remember, you can get new character free when you spin the wheel, so do not invest money on a new character. New Trampoline is better in every way, which will give you all the game coins when you start using them.

Tip 7 # Buy Powerup they are extremely Useful

There are certain game items which are very useful when you stuck at any level or want to earn a longer run. We recommend you all to invest money in buying powerup for the game; these powerups are very useful and cool when you use them. The game developer has made the powerup to boost your jump and character skill which can fetch you better coins and extend your run.

Tip 8 # Spin the wheel to get skill or character

You can get a new character or new skill when you spin the wheel. You can always improve your skill when you spin the wheel, so do not keep chasing the coins, go for some skill or new character when you spin the wheel.

Tip 9 # Which Skill in most important

There are many skills in the game which you need to improve as in the game character some of them are as follows
  • Balance
  • Jump
  • Centering the Jump
  • Tuck power
  • Confidence
You should keep on improving all the skill with your skill set, but if you want to know which skill you should improve first, then we will recommend going for Balance skill which is the most important of all skill. You should focus on improving the balance skill then you should focus on other skills.

Tip 10 # Do a special trick to Extend your Runs

You should keep on performing special tricks to extend your runs. Keep on experimenting different combination of flips and bounces to extend your runs. Perform combos and keep on extending your runs.
Final words
Flip Master is extremely addictive and needs greater concentration when you play this game. If you find it difficult to cross certain levels, then you can consider using our Flip master mod apk + obb files to stay ahead of the competition. Happy Gaming! Download Mod APK


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