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The dancing line is base on a simple principle, “listen to the music and clear all obstacles.” You will be playing dancing line game with only one touch, game AI (artificial intelligence) will recognize those taps as left or right and will move your line according to that direction. The dancing line can be played by all age group, as these require no skill set to complete the game, you only need one tap to clear all obstacles. If you want to master dancing line, then you can check features of Dancing Line Mod Apk file.

Dancing Line Game Description

Dancing Line
Publisher Cheetah Games
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 22 M
Current Version 2.5.6
Last update Aug 9, 2020
Mod files size 35 M

Dancing Line Features

  • It has original background music to support the game levels
  • It has multiple levels with increasing difficulty
  • Easy to learn and difficult to master
  • One tap wonder
  • Clear all levels with the help of music

Dancing Line Mod Apk features

  • 9999 Cubes in your account
  • 999,999 Game coins in your account
  • 9999 Gems in your game account
  • All levels unlock in your account
  • No annoying ads in your account

Dancing Line Tips and Tricks

So, you want to master Dancing line game which keeps you on edge for so many times and days, here are few tips and tricks which you can follow and get your level cross in Dancing line.

Tip 1 # Play offline to avoid Advertisement

If you felt annoyed with all those advertisement game gives you every time you clear one level or when you are in the game, switch off your WIFI and play the game in offline mode. You should always remember; game developer earns through these ads only, and if they always push ads in the free mode then it becomes quite annoying to play those games. You can always play Dancing line in offline mode without even bother of having any annoying ads popping after every level crossing.

Tip 2 # Follow the rhythm of the song

 The dancing line is a musical arcade type game when you need to listen carefully to the rhythm of the song to get your lines avoiding obstacles. Just put on your headphone and try to tap on the right time to clear obstacles you are facing for your dancing line. You will find the game is designed in such a way that whenever you tap on the mobile screen, you will generate a beat which will sync with the ongoing music. Try to tap on the exact point, and you will see your dancing line clear all obstacles within no time.

Tip 3 # One-Click wonder

Normally all mobile games need two hands to manipulate right or left turning or bending left or right if Gyroscope is enable in the game, but the dancing line is different, it only requires one touch to navigate lines to move left or right. The game has employed simple touch keys which makes this game enjoyed by every age. You need to do only one touch to make your lines move right or left.

Tip 4 # Easy to learn, difficult to master

The game developer is constantly making different games which create a ripple in the gaming world for there easy to learn keys. The dancing line fell under the same category where it is easy to learn but very difficult to master. You will clear the first few levels very easy and feel that this game did not belong to your zone, but as the game progress, you will soon release that game need more concentration and attention to clear levels.

Tip 5 # Switch off the music in higher levels

Dancing lines employ original soundtrack, and you will love to hear those tracks, but as the game progress, you will be presented with the same music over and over. So, to avoid repetitive music in the later stage which requires more attention, it is recommended to switch off the music and play game peacefully.

Tip 6 # Login Daily and watch ads to get Game Goodies

If you want some game goodies like cubes or game coins, you need to log in daily. You will also get game goodies when you level up. You can use these to start a new game, as each game require one cube to start. You can watch video ads to get some game cube when your game cube become empty.
Final words
Dancing lines are a very intuitive game which requires attention and focuses all the time. If you are not able to clear certain game due to money or game coins, then you can check our dancing line mod apk files which will help you clear some of the level with ease. Download Mod APK


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