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Are you willing to lead forces which will battle in real war-like environment sand, villages, mountain, and forest? Then you should play Cover Fire: offline shooting, a realistic game with 60 mission which will set you to spellbound. You need to lead a small Assassin group with an elite soldier who will stand against Tetracorp corporation. You need to upgrade and make your every more solid count for the battle with the help of Cover Fire Mod Apk. Start firing the bullet when you find the enemy in front of you in the epic battle of Cover Fire: offline shooting.

Cover Fire: offline shooting description

Cover Fire: offline shooting
Publisher Genera Games
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 44 M
Current Version 1.16.0
Last update Aug 19, 2020
Mod files size 52 M

Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Game Features

  • Clear all 60-mini mission
  • Command an elite fighting force with shooter or sniper
  • HD graphics with the battle mode war-like environment
  • Play online mission with real players
  • Get realistic weapon to shoot down enemy
  • Set Assassin squad to conquer the enemy
  • Very instructive sniper shooting game

 Cover Fire: offline shooting Mod apk Features

  • Vip unlock in your account
  • Unlimited money in your account
  • All guns are upgraded
  • Guns are unlocked in your account
  • Get 10 Chances to clear boss mode
  • Install Obb files in your Smartphone

Cover Fire: offline shooting Tips and Tricks

Tips And Tricks

Tip 1 # Hide and seek with a headshot

Cover Fire is hidden and seeks game with shooting on the head. Like all other shooting game, this game also relies on headshot. You need to choose the right time and exact pinpoint accuracy to shoot on the head of your enemy. There are many adventures when you need to kill the enemy without harming civilian or hostages. All you can do is to aim for head and shoot. Check Also : Working PUBG Mobile Mod Apk

Tip 2 # Collect goodies on every win

You will get goodies or game items when you win any levels. You will be given the choice of collecting four gifts by tapping five boxes. Depending on your performance in the level you will be given a choice to get goodies, for example, if you did not clear the level in few bullets, then you may get to choose only two gift boxes from five boxes. Goodies are bread and butter of the game which can be obtained easily with Cover Fire Mod Apk; more you play the game, more you collect. So, keep on clearing the level and keep on collecting game items.

Tip 3 # Pay attention to the storyline of quest requirement

You need to pay attention to the storyline or the quest requirement for the level you are playing. Normally all quest has some reequipment like “kill enemy under 25 bullets”. These initiatives levels are designed in such a way that if you play with concentration, you will win. But if you did not play with dedication and waste bullet without being hitting an enemy, your present level will fail. So, we advise you keep an eye on the level requirement before going to war.

Tip 4 # Perform different roles to win the levels

You need to perform different roles such as sniper, squad leader, hacker, and demolition man. You have to upgrade all the levels of your squad members to make them elite fighting force. Every member of your Avengers Squad comes with different capabilities, and you should harp on those to win any situation. You will play all the characters one by one to understand their role in battle and how they react to any situation. Always pay attention to the level requirement and try to clear them with minimum bullets fire. You need to practice double kill or triple kill to get bonus XP.

Tip 5 # Complete all 60 mini-mission to claim complete victory

Games have been developed into chapters, and each chapter has subchapters. Total mission in this game is 60, and you need to finish all those mini-chapters with a boss mission at the end of every chapter. Pay attention to the mission to win them and start engaging the boss mission. You need to stay sharp and duck all incoming bullets when you play the boss mission. Boss mission is the ultimate mission of any chapter, clearing that you will be given a new chapter with a new environment to fight. Download Mod APK


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