Coin master is developed for all those players who love casino spin and action games. The game has many surprised packages which revolve around the spins, which you need to perform for getting different game items. These game items can be used to raid or defense your village. You can raid to coin master village also when you get pig face in spin. So, be ready with Coin Master Mod Apk for the epic adventure of a Viking king whose main motto is to plunder enemy village with a hammer and safeguard our village with a shield.

Coin Master Game Description

Coin Master
Publisher Moon Active
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 38 M
Current Version 3.5.9
Last update Aug 11, 2020
Mod files size 54 M

Coin Master Game Features

  • Join with your online friend’s for sharing your progress
  • Spin and earn coins by looting the opponent village
  • Attack and raid to gain coins
  • Upgrade your village by spending coins
  • Collect all cards in the game
  • Trade cards with friends
  • Beautiful graphics with enthralling music

Coin Master Mod Apk Unlimited Free Spins And Coins

Mod Apk Features
  • Get 5000 spins in your account
  • Get 50,00,000 Coins in your account
  • Need to install Obb files
  • All cards are unlocked in your account

Coin Master tips and tricks to become Viking king

Here are some awesome tips and tricks for coin master which will make your gameplay easy and smooth.
Strategy Guide

Tip 1 # Login daily for rewards and free spin

Before you plunge into the game, we want you to advise to log in daily for a free spin; this game requires your daily and hourly attention. Free spin is available every hour, and you should use that opportunity to get shields for your village. If you are not playing coin master for some time, your village will be plundered by the enemy, and you have to rebuild every item of your village. So, it is better to check your village every day for an onslaught by the enemy. If you have time login every hour to get free spins and an opportunity to get coins.

Tip 2 # Game of Spins and Raids

Coin master has beautifully integrated casino game with an action game. You need to spin to get different items which will give you the power to attack your enemy village or to shield your village. You can also earn gold coins by using spins, or you may get hammer which indicates one free attack on your enemy village. You will get three things during your spins; they are as follows
  • Hammer: this will enable you one attack on the enemy You can choose from five villages to attack. Your opportunity to get free coins ends if someone uses shields to protect his village.
  • Shields: are used as protection from another raider and can use one time. If you have a shield in your account, it can protect you one attack from an enemy, after that it gets broken. Shields are an essential game item when it comes to protecting your village. Use this protection whenever you are login out.
  • Pig Face: Pigface are difficult to get in the game, and you can use it on coin master village to get huge coins. You will get five chance to attack coin master village with many spots to choose.

Tip 3 # Connect to Facebook for extra Spins

You can get 50 extra spins when you connect coin master account with your Facebook account. These are basic steps, and now all most all Mobile game makes it mandatory to bind your mobile game account with social media account. You will also receive 100k coins in your account for first time binding with Facebook account. Consider this as a lucky bonus, as binding your Facebook account also enable you to share your progress with your online friends. You can share cards or many other game items when your account is connected with Facebook account.

 Tip 4 # Start Collecting Cards

Collect cards to complete your sets which will enable you to move to the next village or new levels. You can always collect all the cards present in the game to make complete sets. Cards are special game items which come in chests, which you can get by spinning and raiding coin master. You can also use these cards for getting coins.

Tip 5 # Sharing is Caring

You can share your cards with your friends to make them complete their sets or vice-versa. Sharing is caring in this game; you can fulfill your friend’s requirement by giving him free cards. Do not hesitate to trade or give free cards to your friends.

Tip 6 # Get Coins or other items for watching video ads

One of the important features of this game is free video ads, which you can watch and get huge coins. One discloser here, video ads are available depending on your country and ads available for the gamers. So, do not get disheartened if you did not find video ads every time you complete your raid or upgradation.
Final words
Coin master is game of spins and raids where young Viking are raiding opponent players village to gain coins and rebuild their village. We are giving away Coin Master Mod apk which will enable you many functions which are not free in the original game. So, are you ready for the Viking king and their adventure? Download Mod APK


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