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Do you love simulation game, where you can define the different outcome of the game depending on the situation and your choice? Welcome to the Choices Stories you play mod apk, a simulated game developed by Pixelberry which has more than 25 different stories with unlimited chapters. You can choose stories depending on your taste; it has wide ranges of choice which include Romance, murder mystery solving, freshman, fantasy battle and many more. So, are you ready for Choices Stories you play?

Choices Stories You Play Game Description

Choices Stories you play
Publisher Pixelberry
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 86 M
Current Version 2.6.0
Last update Aug 14, 2020
Mod files size 101 M

Choices Stories you play Features

  • Play more than 25 different stories
  • The simulated storyline for your different game characters
  • Customize your main characters
  • Choose any title and start playing them like romance, solve the crime, fantasy adventure
  • One platform for all your need
  • You can play current storyline which includes The Freshman, The Crown & The Flame, Perfect Match, Bloodbound, High school Story, and much more

Choices Stories you play Mod Apk Features

  • All Storyline unlock in your system
  • Get extra Guess for solving any mystery case
  • Get unlimited credit for starting any simulator game
  • Get 99999 Diamond in your account to start your epic journey
  • Get 99999 keys in your account
  • Not need to buy gems to start any adventure
  • Use Obb files so that you get all the goodies for the game.

Choices Stories you play Tips and Tricks

Beginner Guide

Tip 1 # Do not spend Diamonds Unnecessary

Diamonds are used to unlock premium stories; you will be tempted to buy Diamond to keep on going to the premium stories. You need to have some check on your spending of Diamond as these are very expensive game items and are difficult to get. With the use of Choices Stories Mod Apk you can get them for free. You will be awarded Diamond when you complete a chapter in a story. You will also be given some game goodies when you complete any chapter. Keep on collecting Diamond, and other game goodies as this will help you unlock new chapters and stories.

Tip 2 # Solve and get Key in each chapter

Keys are another essential game item which you will require to open new chapters. You can get keys during the gameplay or when your complete any chapters of any story. The game will keep a tap on the keys you are presently holding if any time your key counter is below two, a new timer will start and you will receive a new key within Three hours. You can also purchase free keys form the store.

Tip 3 # Get bonus for watching video ads

You can also get bonus and goodies for watching video ads in the game. The game will show you video ads which will fetch you extra keys or some game goodies to watch them. Here we want to clear you that, video ads will depend on the country you are residing and publisher giving the ads. So, keep on watching video ads and get some bonus or rewards which will help you in the game progress.

Tip 4 # Leave any chapter if you don’t like to play

There is no way in Choices Stories you play that you can leave any chapter or want to replay it. You can only restart the story again to live the same simulation. So, do not keep on playing any story you don’t want to play, just leave it and check other stories.

Tip 5 # You can move between stories

You can move between different stories without being compromising your progress. You need to tap the home button, and then you can change the storyline. If you don’t want to play a particular story and also do not want to leave your progress, you can use this method and get on the new story using a key.
Final words
Choices Stories you play is one platform Solution for all you need; it provides different stories which everyone will love. It has so many varieties of stories that it attracts every age group. You can play many games in Choices Stories you play form romantic with mysteries solving to fantasy battle to murder mysteries. So, keep on playing those game and give us comment if Choices Stories you play Mod apk + Obb files work for you. Download Mod APK


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