Do you want some action pack online shooting game which has 20-player online real-time players battling for the ultimate victory? Welcome, to the Bullet force mobile game which is developed by Blayze Game L.L.C which has all ingredient for a great shooter game. You can choose four type of game format in the game which will keep you glued to your Smartphone once you choose our Bullet Force Mod Apk. So, are you ready for Bullet force?

Bullet Force Game Description

Bullet Force
Publisher Blayze Games, L.L.C
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 96 M
Current Version 1.63.1
Last update Aug 16, 2020
Mod files size 105 M

Bullet Force Game features

  • Best Shootout android game with offline mode activated
  • Get all types of guns and weapon and start killing your opponent
  • 20-player war online game which you can participate with your teammates
  • Survival game which needs some special tactics to come on top
  • Over 20-weapon and 30 weapon camouflages
  • Multiple optics, laser sights, and barrel attachments
  • Match and fight along with your special weapon
  • Team deathmatch, conquest, free for all and Gun game
  • Best cinematic features

Bullet Force Mod Apk Features

  • 350,000 credit in your account
  • 999,999 Gold coins in your account to start the game
  • All weapon unlocks in your account
  • Auto Aim to enemy head (working for above 4.2 Android version)

Bullet Force Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Bullet Force Mod Apk Unlimited Resources
Beginner Guide
Bullet force is a fast action shooting game which needs some special tactics to come out alive. If you want to excel in the game, then you should consider using these tips and tricks for Bullet force. Check Also Garena Free Fire Mod Apk

Tip 1 # Learn the basic maps

Bullet force can be played in offline mode with bots; you need to particle all the available maps with bots before you plunge into online mode. Consider yourself as rookie and play as much as you can on all the maps available. You should practice all maps present in the game for these reasons:
  • Remember all the places of the maps correctly
  • Check for all hiding places which you can use for your advantage
  • Check all higher position where you can sit and shoot an enemy with one shot
  • Remember all the vital and choke points where you need extra attention when you run on these paths
  • Practice how Bots are hiding and shooting from a different angle, these can be used for your advantages in the real online game
  • Check the range and other attachment of the weapon how they behave in the actual war

Tip 2 # Conversant with your weapon

One of the most awkward situations arises when you will face any new weapon, and you soon release that you don’t know how this weapon works. All weapon needs some practice to learn how they behave in war. You should know what is the range of the weapon, what is the type of weapon, do this weapon fire single shot or gives burst fire, does this weapon has any upgrades, what are the attachment this weapon has and how effective you can use this weapon in the war. Play an offline game with Bots and check all weapon available in the game for these questions. You should invest time in knowing all the weapon found in your arsenal.

Tip 3 # Check the Touch sensitivity of the game

Bullet force is played on the smartphone and needs many adjustments to give a great result. One of the best results, you can get is to customize the touch sensitivity of the game. Touch sensitivity is very crucial to the game; it depends on the Smartphone you possess.  If you have a high-end smartphone, you need to adjust touch sensitivity depending on your mobile device.

Tip 4 # Headshot for a quick kill

Like all other online shooter game, you need to shoot the enemy on the heads to get one shot kill. Practice hard to always aim at the head and kill an enemy instantly to save bullets and recoil time. Always remembers, you will get a bonus to kill headshot.

Tip 5 # Watch free Video to get Goodies

Like other online mobile game, Bullet force also has reward policy, where they will award free game goodies after every match. You can also get free goodies if you watch video ads. Video ads are good if you want some game goodies, spend some time watching these 2 min ads or use Bullet Force Mod Apk.

Tip 6 # login daily to get Game Goodies

You should always login daily to get game goodies, as you know every game requires loyal players. If you are not willing to play Bullet force every day then also log in daily for 2 min to get game goodies which will help you advance in the game.
Final words
Bullet force is a very intruding game which is very fast pace and difficult to master the game. You can use our Bullet force mod apk files to pace up with all enemy. Happy Gaming! Download Mod APK


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