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Do you want to become king of the Square Ring, well in real life you need lots of training and practice but in the virtual world, you can start playing Boxing Star? Here you go with our latest working Boxing Star Mod apk. The gameplay of Boxing Star is very simple, learn all the boxing moves and training hard to able to fight with other heavyweight champions. You need to learn all the basic move like Jab, Hook, Uppercut, dodge, and defense. The game also provides some special skills which are very effective to knock down an opponent. If you still feel to try Boxing star then you can download Boxing Star Mod Apk 1.5.2 + Obb data for Android Smartphone.

Boxing star Apk Details

Boxing Star
Publisher FourThirtyThree Inc.
Platforms Android 4.4
Price Free (contain in-app purchase)
Size 76 MB
Current Version 1.7.3
Last update Aug 19, 2020

Boxing Star Mod Apk Details

  • Menu Mod (all items are unblocked)
  • God Mod (Full stamina all the time)
  • 1 Hit (powerful one hit to knock down the opponent)
  • Full Range
  • Mod Detect bypass
  • Full HP of the character
  • All hyper skill activated
  • Free Training from Khari
  • All Gears updated
Ready to conquer the World  If you are already convincing to play Boxing Star then we will give you some more help on tips and tricks which you can use to get an easy win. Boxing_Star_Mod_Apk_Strategy

Boxing Star fight Controls:

Like all boxing games, you need to master some of the moves to Stay in the fray. Some of the fight controls are given below:
  • Jab
  • Hook
  • Uppercut
  • Dodge
  • Defense
  • Special Skills

Boxing Star Tips and Tricks Strategy Guide

Choose these awesome tricks to stay above your competitors
  • Master all Fight controls
  • Attack when your enemy is sleazy
  • Restore your HP
  • Always Activate Hyper Skill
  • Get training From Khari
  1. Master all Fight controls

Before you plunge into the battle, learn all Fight controls. You need to practice hard to memorize all the steps in the fight controls. As you all know there are Five fight controls and one special skill. You need to know how these five fight controls works and how you can get points using them. All the five-fight controls are given below
  1. Jab: when you throw your lead fist in straight ahead and the arm is fully extended it is called Jab in boxing.
  2. Hook: Hook is called a punch in boxing and is done by bending your arm to 90 degrees, it can be done on the jaw or in the stomach area.
  3. Uppercut: One of the most powerful punches formally known as undercut. It starts from below the opponent stomach and travels vertically to the chin or solar
  4. Dodge: It is avoiding the opponent punch by dropping your weight and dogging right or left.
  5. Defense: if a boxer uses his hand to deflect opponent incoming attacks, it is called the defense.
  6. Special skill: These skills can be activated using upgraded gloves
You need to learn these 6 fight controls and how to operate them on your smartphone to stay ahead of your competitions.
  1. Attack when your enemy is sleazy

In real boxing, you need to wait for the opponent to get tired and become sleazy. The same principle applies here, you need to strike your opponent when he least expects it. You need to throw your best punch (uppercut) when your opponent has completed his attack. You need to stay alert and analysis your enemy movement and dodge at right time to get your uppercut executed. If you are an expert in an uppercut, you can outsmart even your powerful enemy.
  1. Restore your HP

If you want to restore your HP in the game, you need to block all incoming enemy attack for some time. You need to press the defense icon and long press it and hold that icon to get your HP to restore. HP is considered vital element in Boxing Star, if you lose them or if you have less HP, your character may be knockdown in the game with one punch. So, keep an eye on your HP and fill them when they drop below certain levels.
  1. Always Activate Hyper Skill

Hyper skill is present in the Gloves which you wear in the boxing match. Before going to any big match check that you are having right kind of gloves. Each glove has a special skill which can be used in the game during the match. You can use the special skill when your hyper bar will show full. The hyper bar will appear in the right-hand upper corner of your screen. If you did not find hyper bar activated then you need to change the gloves.
  1. Get training From Khari

Training is the important phase in the game, and you need to pay attention to the training session between you and Khari. After training, you will acquire skill points, which can be used to increase your specific skill. Khari will give you one free training session during the game, after that you need to hire Khari to give you more training. We advise you to get multiple time training from Khari. He will be available whenever you lose a big match or when your skill points are not enough to cross that certain levels. You should take help of Khari to get rid of most powerful boxers who will stop your progress in the game.
Final words:
So, here is the Boxing Star Mod Apk 1.5.2 + obb file, which you can download and install in your Smartphone. You will get special skill in this mod apk which you can use to win fights. Download Mod APK


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