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Block strike is the beaten version of PUBG, which is very easy to load on your old smartphone and can be played online with hundreds of friends. If you think it is not as popular as it did not have good graphics then we want you to check the figures, it has more than 10 million downloads from Google Play Store alone. Welcome to the world of block graphics where you can play with your teammate and form clans and fight with other online clansusing mod apk. Just be ready to play all the 15 different game mode and more than 60 game maps.

Block Strike Description

Block Strike
Publisher Rexet Studio
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 72 M
Current Version 6.3.8
Last update Aug 17, 2020
Mod files size 85 M

Block Strike Features

  • More than 15 Different Game Modes to choose from
  • Team Deathmatch, Death Run, Hunger Games, Bunny Hop and many more
  • More than 60 Different Maps to battle around
  • New Stickers and Skins to match your personality
  • More than 40 Types of weapons
  • Get it upgraded to get more kills
  • More than 10 Million Block Stike installs from Google Play Store alone
  • Create Teams or join Clans and battle out the whole world

Block Strike Mod Apk Features

  • Get 20 Weapons to unlock in your account
  • Get 99999 Game money in your account
  • Get 99999 Game Gold coin in your account
  • Get more than 20 Stickers and Skins in your account
  • Use Obb files provided with the Mod apk files

Block Strike Tips and Tricks


Tip 1 # Practice before you went to war

One thing which you need to do first is to practice the Block Strike weapons. You need to understand how this weapon works and what is the maximum range and shooting power when you use these weapons. These are the practice tab in your dashboard, click on that and go to the practice range to get going with all the weapon you have in the game. You will be given with basic weapon when you went to the practice range. Do all the target practice before you venture into the real killing zone. Practice is the key to survive in any condition; you need to practice on moving targets. Do more practice on moving targets as you will never find a sitting duck in your actual war zone.

Tip 2 # Adjust the Sensitivity of your Smartphone

 When you start first in Block Strike Mod apk game, you will find it is very difficult to aim at the enemy, because your sensitivity of smartphone will be very high. So, you need to adjust that sensitivity in the practice zone and need to get less sensitive adjustment which will give you better aim. You should always check all the minor and major details of your aiming problem or moving adjustment when you are in the practice zone. You will not find time to make all these adjustments when you are in the real game. So, we advise you to make all the finer adjustment of your Smartphone before you merge into the actual game.

Tip 3 # Know your Terrain

You should remember all the terrain you play by heart, as this game will become more difficult when you reach certain levels or when you opt for team deathmatch. There are more than 60 maps in Block Strike game, and you should try to remember most of these terrains to achieve advance over your competition. Knowing your Maps also help you all the vital chocking points where you can fire and kill the maximum enemy without being getting killed. It would help if you remembered all the vital in and out of any terrain to wipe out enemy troops. If you are playing team matches, you should remember to know all the highest points from where you can shoot down all enemy.

Tip 4 # Know your weapon

There are more than 40 types of weapon in the Block Strike game. You should know how this weapon works and how they behave under different condition. You should always check the vital statistics of each weapon before you take them in war. Some of the features which you should look in these weapons are as follows:
  • Range: check out the maximum range these weapons will shoot
  • Power: check the maximum power these weapons have to shoot down enemy
  • Tap or Burst Fire: How these weapons will fire
  • Rounds: how many rounds it will fire before you need to reload
  • Different weapons: Knives, grenades, and others
  • Aiming: Do these weapons allow long-distance aiming
As you progress in the game, you will find all the features of the weapons which you have possession. The only thing you should keep in mind in the situation when you need to use these weapons. Shotguns are very effective when you are dealing with the large enemy nearby. But you cannot use these when your enemy is very far away; you need to use a different weapon to take that enemy.

Tip 5 # Buy New Weapon

It would help if you always bought a new weapon as these will come with more function and feature then your native weapon. New weapon should always keep you ahead of the competition, and you can get more kill in minimum exchange of fire. We advise you to upgrade your present weapon if you did not have more game money to invest in the new weapon. But it is better to wait for buying a new weapon then to upgrade your present weapon.
Final word
If you need any help in getting ahead of your competition for Block Strike, then you can download Block Strike mod apk + obb files. Download Mod APK


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