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Do you love playing Bingo? Now you can play your favorite Bingo game on your Smartphone with hundreds of online players pitting against you for the lucky bingo. Bingo Blitz is a new mobile game developed by Playtika Santa Monica, which gives tons of reasons to play with Bingo Blitz mod apk online. You can now play and share bingo match summary with your online friends. Bingo-online game has the same rule as the offline game, but it has more benefit than the offline game. You can get 2x bonus and different game goodies when you play it online on your Smartphone. There are hundred of Quests and mini-games which will engage your time. Apart from that, there are surprises gifts like bingo holidays where you will get free bingo credits  and cards. Get power-ups and boost to complete all the levels and win tournaments. So, Are you ready for Bingo? 

Bingo Blitz Game Description

Bingo Blitz
Publisher Playtika Santa Monica
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 25 M
Current Version 4.12.0
Last update Aug 21, 2019
Mod files size 42 M

Bingo Blitz Features

  • Start playing the best Bingo for Smartphone
  • Collect Ingredients and make dishes
  • Make new dishes and get amazing gifts
  • Complete menu and get Blitzy’s dinner Badge
  • Get free Bingo bonus every day

Bingo Blitz Mod Apk Features

  • Get 99999 Bingo Blitz free credits in your account
  • Get 99999 Bingo Coins in your account
  • Get 9999 Bingo Experience in your Account
  • Get 9999 Keys in your account
  • Get every time 2X payout you play the game
  • Get 999 Powerup in your account

Bingo Blitz Tips and Tricks For Newbies

Beginner Guide

Tip 1 # Decide what you want from the game

Playing Bingo Blitz is a very decision-making process as what you want from the present game. You want to win the game or need powerup or need some extra credits. So, decide well in advance and then pounce on the situation. You should remember that you cannot win the bingo every time your play. So, you need to play depending on the plan or your account summary. There are many situations arise when you want to click on bingo button to get all those rewards early in the game, or you can wait for little more to get the 2X rewards for the game you have won.

Tip 2 # Get rewards in Tournaments

One of the best rewards which you can get is in the Bingo Blitz Tournaments. It has multiple rewards and big bonus throw in the way of winner account. there are some special tips for playing good in the tournaments
  • Always play with four cards when you start the tournaments
  • Check for all the number which calls for in the bingo table
  • Click or tap on the numbers which you want continually (I do that regularly)
  • Check for the special number which will give you bingo
  • Tap the bingo button when you get your desired number to claim the rewards
  • Get Double Daub power-ups for the tournaments or events with mod apk

Tip 3 # Use Power-ups in every round

You should start using 2 to 3 power-ups in each round to win any bingo match. This way you will be 6 Spaces ahead of competitors as you should use Double Daubs. Always make a thumb rule to use power-ups in tournaments as your winning chances will be high when you use them in tournaments.

Tip 4 # Daily login for goodies

You should log in daily to get goodies which are very helpful in the game progress. You can get free coins and credits when your login daily. You will also get free spins when your login daily, which can fetch you different game items. Make a point for login daily to get some goodies even if you don’t want to play the game.
Final words
There are plenty of Quest and mini-games which will make you engage full time with this game. If you need some help in getting free credits or Bingo cards, then you should install Bingo Blitz mod apk file in your Smartphone. Download Mod APK


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