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Archery will never be same again when you play this realistic Archery Master 3D game. You will love the challenges in the game, and with the realistic background, you will love this very addictive game. Archery Master 3D span with 4 Picturesque locations, they are as follows
  • Pine Forest with 25 challenges
  • Archery Field with 25 Challenges
  • Deadly Desert with 60 Challenges
  • Rain Forest with 65 Challenges
You need to cross all these levels with flying colors. Just practice who to aim at the target with Archery and you will be rewarded with game goodies and levels will be open. You can also find 20 plus attachment and Archery equipment which will help you to aim at the target. Take a long Breath, Aim the moving Target, Shoot the arrow and the Bull’s eye! Are you ready!

Archery Master 3D Description

Archery Master 3D
Publisher TerranDroid
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 20 M
Current Version varies as per device
Last update December 12, 2018
Mod files size 33 M

Archery Master 3D Features

  • Best Archery 3D game
  • Get realistic and stunning 3D graphics in your game
  • 4 Location to show your talent
  • 20+ archery equipment and accessory
  • 100+ addictive levels which you will never want to miss
  • Compete with other people of the world 1-on-1

Archery Master 3D Mod Apk Features

  • Get 999,999 Gold Coins in your account
  • Get 20+ Archery accessory updated in your account
  • Get 3 Mode open Pine Forest, Archery Field, and Deadly Desert
  • Enjoy the game with our free Gold coins

Archery Master 3D Tips and Tricks


 Tip 1 # Know your weapon first

Archery Master 3D is very addictive and need much concentration than any other game. Archery Master 3D  game is design in such a way that it requires your 100% attention and concentration, you need to hit the bull with an arrow. Before you plunge in the 1-on-1 challenge or go for the clearing all the levels; you should first know about your weapon. Weapon here means your Archery and arrow; you should know the speed of your arrow and how your Archery will behave in the situation. So, take a closer look for all the details of Archery and practice to get it perfect.

Tip 2 # Adjust your Mobile setting

You must adjust your mobile or Smartphone setting to get most out of your Archery game. Check for how sensitive is your mobile screen and how your tap is behaving under the setting button of the game. We recommend you open the setting button and adjust all the sensitive part of your mobile according to your game. Adjust for normal sensitive as if you choose extreme sensitive, your arrow will shoot without aiming.

Tip 3 # Practice and Practice

Do you want to know what this game teaches us, it is patience! Playing Archery game will teach you to keep calm and aim for the target. Do not panic and shoot your arrow without taking any aim. Have patience and take a long and deep breath and take aim, wait for the crosshair to come over the bull and shoot the arrow. Regardless of the game, you need to have patience in your life too, and this game will teach you patience. You should always do practice and practice to get more accurate shot with the arrow hitting the bull.

Tip 4 # Check the wind velocity when you take aim

We will recommend you one pro tip which no one will tell you when ever you are going to aim to check the speed of the moving target and wind velocity. Never aim at the bull center point, always try to aim at the little left of the center point of the target when it is moving from right to left. Your arrow will travel in air, and that target is also moving from right to left, it is possible that your arrow will 100% land in the center of the target known as a bull when you follow our trick.

Tip 5 # login daily for collecting Game goodies

You should consider login daily for the game goodies it offers for daily login. Make a habit of login daily to get freebies and game goodies which will help in clearing all levels. We recommend you to log in daily and to check all video ads for game goodies.

Tip 6 # Upgrade all your Archery attachments

If you want to spend game coin in one thing, it should be worth spending on Archery Attachment. You should always make a point on upgrading or buying a new attachment to take a more accurate shot at the target. Spending game coins for all the upgrade and attachment is worth.
Final words
Archery Master 3D is very addictive and need greater attention when you play this game on your mobile. You need to understand one thing that patience is everything in this game to clear all levels. Just relax and aim and hit the target. If you need little help in playing this game, then consider downloading Archery Master 3D Mod Apk with obb files from our website. Download Mod APK


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